I am Craig Godfrey a UX / UI Designer and I enjoy designing usable software solutions. Always creating something ... that would be me.

From the time I was born I always had to take things apart or find out how they worked. I was just a naturally curious kid you could say. Now I enjoy figuring out to put things together.

Who would have thought I would find a career where I can't actually physically touch the product. Designing software can is as intriguing as it can be frustrating, each time another lesson learned. I would imagine if that didn't happen designing for the Internet would be rather boring.

25+ years ago I began designing for for print. Years later, and someone who is quick to try new technologies I learned about the Internet and found myself writing HTML in no time. In no time I had my own clients and a career was born. After designing web sites for 10+ years I learned about Software as a Service and got my first job as a Senior UI Designer. Fast forward to today and my love for the Internet hasn't waned and working as a UX Designer has been the most rewarding job I could think of.

I am in the process of updating my site with a new portfolio. For a look at the solutions I have worked on please connect with me on LinkedIn.